Events & Bookings

Outdoor Events

Calliopes were made for parades. They were used in circus parades to announce that the circus was in town. I tow the calliope with my restored 1951 Ford 8N tractor.

Large public events such as town or county fairs or amusement parks are ideal.

Less advisable are events such as craft and art fairs during which the vendors are stationary for 2 or 3 days and are carrying on sales conversations with visitors. Most of the sound is projected from the rear of the calliope and is very loud. The calliope should be placed where it does not interfere with sales conversations.

Night performances

The calliope has decorative lights that illuminate the calliope at night. There are optional flames that come from the top of the stacks that attract attention at night.


The calliope has an awning that protects the calliope and operator.

Geographic area

For one-day events we can  travel in about a 2 hour radius of central Vermont. A  multi-day event in this same area allows us to return home in the evening, keeping costs reasonable. We would consider an event further away, but would need to discuss the additional fees we would need to charge to cover our expenses.

Choosing a spot for the calliope

We need to be placed away from amplified music. If your event has continuous music over loudspeakers or live amplified bands, it is not fair to us or to them to place us in competition. We are loud! If performances are continuous, we will need time slots to play the calliope. We need a fairly flat, dry surface to park the calliope on. The calliope is hauled on a 12 foot flatbed trailer. We need room to maneuver the trailer and unload the calliope. The calliope can be towed short distances with the truck. It weighs 1500 pounds and cannot be moved by hand. We have a relatively quiet gas powered air compressor to provide air to run the calliope. The compressor should be 20 to 50 feet from the calliope and any vendors the noise may bother. We need about 45 minutes to set up the calliope and a place to park the truck and trailer.

Cost to book the calliope for an event

The final total cost is based on a number of factors that are different for each venue. For events that are free, open to the public and are within 50 miles of Groton Vermont, there is no charge if we can put out a tip jar. Other than that, we start with our minimum base fee of $100.00 and calculate any additional fees depending on the number of days desired and mileage. Parades are a little more because I need a bigger trailer to haul the calliope and tractor. We can give you a specific price when we know exactly what you are requesting.

Contact us

You may e-mail us at to check on the availability of the date(s) and pricing.